PTA Taylor Funds Pay For:



  • IPads and Google Chrome books enhance curriculum


Health & Wellness

  • Playground equipment and/or outdoor classroom supplies
  • Roller Skating in P.E. Classes
  • Lunch carts to ease transitions to lunch
  • Cafeteria Salad Bar
  • Contribute to campus fitness goals
  • Walk to School Days

Sharing Ideas

  • Free Parent Education Programs
  • Links & Articles

Teacher Support

  • Teacher Luncheons
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Stock the Classroom
  • Supplies for classes that flooded
  • Refreshments at teacher development days


  • Connection with Texas PTA and FISD issues that impact your student or family
  • Support programs that make the school safer


  • College Scholarships for Taylor Alumni
  • Network with other families
  • Communication about what is happening at school
  • Breakfast for incoming Kindergarten parents (Tears & Cheers)
  • Directory
  • Watchdogs - getting dads on campus 

Art & Music