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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures




Arrival: Review Video


Dismissal: Review Video

We will continue the dismissal procedures from last year; please review our procedures. If you pick up by car, you will be directed to turn left onto National Drive. You will NOT be able to turn right so flow of traffic stays clear on Gillespie.

Bus Information

To find out if you are eligible to ride the bus, please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to the FISD website and click on the parent tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Bus Routes icon and click
  3. Enter your address
  4. If you are eligible, you will see the bus number, pickup/drop off location and pickup/drop off times.


If your child will ride the bus, please review the bus information with your child and plan ahead to determine what route you may be eligible to ride. Practice walking to the bus stop and home from the bus stop with them ahead of time. Teach them the important reminders that signal it's their stop.


All bus students will receive a hard plastic bus tag that will be attached to their backpack. It is important that the tag remain on the backpack because it ensures that students are picked up and dropped off at the correct locations.


Entering campus:

  • Turn onto our campus using ONLY the lane closest to the school. (At dismissal, we can have two lanes because staff walks our students across the first lane of traffic. This isn't possible at arrival so there should be NO children coming from the second lane.) PLEASE don't cut the cones that we've placed at our entrance and don't cut the carpool line (one of our biggest parent complaints about other drivers).


Parking on National:

  • Parking on National and walking children up to school is another barrier to running an efficient carpool line so please avoid doing this. It also blocks site lines of drivers exiting our campus.
  • Understand that moving cars off our lot is our first priority so you may be asked to wait a few minutes as we exit vehicles, even on bad weather days.
  • If you chose to still use National as a park and walk option, you MUST follow the no parking city signs that were placed strategically to protect children and drivers.
  • U-turns are a huge safety risk; do not U-turn at any street around the school.


Taylor staff:

  • Each staff member designated outside has been specifically trained to run the operations in their area. Please follow their direction and have concern for their safety. By city ordinance, you may not be on your cell phone when driving in the school zone.
  • The staff members outside have a very hard job each morning & afternoon. Consider this as you interact with them. Let's appreciate them for facing all weather conditions each morning to help your children come to school. Please don't confront them. Complaints can be sent to me (but please know I'm more than aware of the difficulties of carpool). You can also designate complaints to https://www.plano.gov/2006/Fix-It-Plano


Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering any changes you should adjust on your end if needed.  Amazingly, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to dismiss the kids and clear the carpool lanes. So be patient. You’ll be home before you know it!


Thank you,

Christy Garza

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