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Entering campus:

  • Turn onto our campus using ONLY the left lane closest to the school. (At dismissal, we can have two lanes because staff walks our students across the first lane of traffic. This isn't possible at arrival so there should be NO children coming from the second lane.) PLEASE don't cut the cones that we've placed at our entrance and don't cut the carpool line (one of our biggest parent complaints about other drivers).
  • Pull ALL the way forward as possible. Drop off begins beside our gym, around the very last curve. On typical days, we have gym entrance and 4th/5th grade entrance doors open. ALL children should enter these doors, regardless of their grade.
  • On bad weather days, we open a third entrance. Drivers should still pull ALL the way forward until the cars stop before letting children out. If we have the third entrance open, a staff member will be there directing your children out of the car. They should go to the nearest POD entrance. 
  • Once your child is safely dismissed, pull out of the inside lane as soon as possible.
  • Your children should be organized and ready to exit your vehicle. Practice with them for opening and closing car doors. Some of our younger students still require safety locks. We will help you. No need to exit your vehicle.

Exiting campus:

  • Turn LEFT to return to your neighborhood via 121 service road or National. The biggest slow down of our car line is everyone returning south on Gillespie impeding drivers from entering onto our campus. This is the BIGGEST recommendation from both FISD and the City of Plano. Taking the service road to Independence helps EVERYONE and honestly saves you some time in the long run. If needed, you can turn left on National as well with the help of our staff who is managing our car exit.
  • Making a U-turn at the local business or on Gillespie and returning back down Gillespie completely negates the whole purpose of sending drivers left off our campus. We just ask that you please drive an alternate route back to your next designation.

Parking on National:

  • Parking on National and walking children up to school is another barrier to running an efficient carpool line so please avoid doing this. It also blocks site lines of drivers exiting our campus.
  • Understand that moving cars off our lot is our first priority so you may be asked to wait a few minutes as we exit vehicles, even on bad weather days.
  • If you chose to still use National as a park and walk option, you MUST follow the no parking city signs that were placed strategically to protect children and drivers.
  • U-turns are a huge safety risk and need to stop.

Taylor staff:

  • Each staff member designated outside has been specifically trained to run the operations in their area. Please follow their direction and have concern for their safety.
  • The staff members outside have a very hard job each morning. Consider this as you interact with them. Let's appreciate them for facing all weather conditions each morning to help your children come to school. Please don't confront them. Complaints can be sent to me (but please know I'm more than aware of the difficulties of carpool). You can also designate complaints to https://www.plano.gov/2006/Fix-It-Plano

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and considering any changes you should adjust on your end if needed.  Amazingly, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to dismiss the kids and clear the carpool lanes. So be patient. You’ll be home before you know it!


Thank you,

Christy Garza